About Lawterature

On Lawterature, you’ll find nerdy attorneys who love their jobs a law-t. Each week, I invite a different attorney guest to discuss careers, life, and a work of literature of their choosing. We will discuss the story in detail (spoiler alert) and analyze it all from a legal standpoint. If you ever wanted to think about your favorite stories in a different way, this is the place for you. I solemnly swear, under the penalty of perjury, that I am up to [some] good.

Meet the Host

Brooke Bove

I’ve been a lawyer for nearly 10 years with a specialty in appellate law, legal brief writing, and getting yelled at by judges. The evidence suggests that I’m hilarious and super smart. I’m a single mom in Southern California, but I took some time getting to this enviable position in life. I grew up in Wyoming, did some time in the US Army, worked retail and in restaurants, became a paralegal and finally, when I couldn’t hold out any longer, I became a lawyer. I’ve lived all over the U.S. (not counting some really enviable study-abroad locations). I like traveling. I like changing my hair color. But I love the law. And I love books. It only makes sense to marry them.